Gendered Emotions in History. June 29 2018

The way in which emotions are ‘assigned’ gender in political, social and cultural historical contexts transcends chronological study, frequently imbuing public rhetoric and defining public and private expectations. Rarely, however, has this been the subject of public scrutiny to the extent that it is in the present day.

This conference, taking place at the University of Sheffield seeks to draw parallels between the ‘gendering’ of emotions in these contexts, opening – and maintaining- dialogue between the consequences and expectations of both what it means to definitively connect emotions with gender, as well as the ways in which this is achieved by the state, the press and those in authority.

‘Gendered Emotions’ has been made possible by the generous support of (alphabetically) the Royal Historical Society, Social History Society, and the White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities.

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Cover image: Edvard Munch, Melankoli, 1892.